About Imperial Teas

Imperial Teas (EPZ) Ltd is a part of the worldwide Imperial Teas Group with its Head Office in Sri Lanka and a turnover in 2011/2012 of over US Dollars 56 million.

Imperial Teas (EPZ) Ltd is a reliable source of supplying Teas of 100% Kenyan origin as well as blended Teas of African origin.

Imperial Teas (EPZ) Ltd is a pioneer value added Tea exporter from Kenya with it’s manufacturing facilities and office in the Kingarani Export Processing Complex in Mombassa.

In addition to its manufacturing facilities in Mombasa, Imperial Teas (EPZ) Ltd makes use of the Imperial Teas Group facilities in Kelaniya, Sri Lanka to produce a wide range of consumer packs including Tea Bags, comprising single chamber and double chamber Tea Bags with or without envelopes both crimp sealed and heat sealed and pyramid Tea Bags.

In addition to its Head Office in Sri Lanka the Imperial Teas Group has subsidiaries in Kenya, the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates and Branch Offices in Australia and Russia.

Imperial Teas (EPZ) Ltd is a one stop shop for Kenyan and African Teas.