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Imperial Teas (EPZ) Ltd.
Kingorani EPZ Complex
Mombasa-Nairobi Highway
P.O.Box 17091-80100
Mombasa, Kenya

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Mr. Prassana Panabokke
Tel: +254 20 2342458

Trading Manager
Mr. Shariffu Omondi
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Manager(Value Addition)
Mr.Abeetha Wewegama
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Grade A BP1

Embark on a journey through the lush landscapes of Kenya as you discover the Grade A BP1 tea, a true gem cultivated in the elevated realms of Nyeri, Muranga, Embu, and Meru regions. This exquisite tea variety is meticulously grown at elevations exceeding 2000m, where the air is crisp and the terroir imparts a distinct character to the leaves. Renowned for its brilliance, Grade A BP1 offers a symphony of flavours with every infusion. The vibrant and invigorating experience it delivers is a testament to the unique conditions of its high-altitude cultivation. The brisk and lively character of this tea tantalizes the taste buds, creating a sensorial journey that resonates with the enchanting terroir of Kenya. Indulge in the richness of this high-altitude gem, where each sip unveils the expertise and dedication of the tea cultivators in Nyeri, Muranga, Embu, and Meru. The exceptional qualities of Grade A BP1 are a harmonious blend of nature’s bounty and the skilled craftsmanship of the regions it calls home. Allow the beauty of Kenya’s verdant mountains to permeate your tea-drinking ritual with every delightful cup.

Grade A PF1

Cultivated in the heart of Kenya’s central highlands, where the altitude soars beyond 2000m, emerges the distinguished Grade A PF1 tea. This tea, boasting an enchanting orangish hue, unveils a cup of liquid gold with a mesmerizing golden infusion. Immerse yourself in the essence of these elevated terrains, where the tea leaves thrive to deliver a sensory symphony. Indulge in the exquisite blend, where every sip promises not just a beverage but a journey through the picturesque landscapes of the central highlands.

Grade A PD

Nestled amidst the majestic central highlands of Kenya, where the altitude surpasses 2000m, thrives the exceptional Grade A PD tea. This distinguished tea grade stands tall as a recognized and revered gem in the vibrant Middle Eastern tea market. Infusing joy into every cup, it unveils an enchanting orangish colour, complemented by a liquid gold infusion that dances with the promise of rich flavours. Brace yourself for an immersive experience, as the strength and flavour of this tea unfold with an intensity that resonates through every sip, leaving an indelible mark on your tea connoisseur journey

Grade A D1

Cradled within the verdant, sun-kissed valleys of central Kenya, where the elevation gracefully exceeds 2000m, blooms the extraordinary Grade A D1 tea. Celebrated as a pinnacle of quality, it stands proudly as one of the most esteemed and recognized tea grades in the enchanting Yemeni tea market. With each steeping, this tea unveils a cup that is a symphony of colours, painting your experience with hues that reflect its Kenyan origins. The liquid gold infusion sparkles within, a testament to the mastery of brewing, as the strength and flavour cascade with an intensity that mirrors the finesse of Kenyan CTC’s smallest mesh size among main grades. Embark on a journey through the lush green valleys and savour the immensity of both strength and flavour in every soul-soothing sip

Grade A Fngs1

Nestled among the undulating landscapes of the hill country, emerges the remarkable Grade A Fngs1 – a profound secondary tea grade that holds a prominent position in the creation of Kenya’s rich, colour-infused tea bags. This tea, characterized by its depth and quality, takes centre stage in the artistry of crafting tea bags that are a testament to the rich tapestry of flavours Kenya has to offer

Grade A OPA

Handpicked with precision and meticulously crafted, the Kenyan Highland Grade A OPA stands as a testament to the artistry of tea-making. This exceptional blend seamlessly weaves together the essence of Kenyan orthodox tea grades, resulting in a uniquely remarkable infusion. With its distinct mildness, it transforms into a tea experience that is nothing short of extraordinary – a perfect companion for a delightful afternoon tea ritual.

Grade A OP/FOP

The artful curls of this Grade A OP bring forth a full-bodied cup, elevating your tea-drinking ritual to a new level of indulgence. Let the Kenyan Highland Grade A OP enchant you with its unique charm and the harmonious balance of tradition and innovation. Embark on a journey of tea exploration with each sip, as the curls unfold a story of craftsmanship and excellence

Grade A OP1

The Grade A OP1, also known as Orange Pekoe One, stands distinguished with its unique characteristics in the world of tea. This grade is notably wirier compared to its counterpart, OP (Orange Pekoe). The wiriness of the Grade A OP1 refers to the appearance of the tea leaves, which are tightly rolled, creating an intriguing visual aspect. Each slender and wiry leaf contributes to a distinctive infusion process, allowing the flavours to unfold gradually with each steeping.

Grade A Pekoe

The Grade A Pekoe, characterized by its twisted and coarse appearance, is a tea grade that brings a unique and robust quality to the brewing experience. The term “Pekoe” traditionally refers to a particular leaf size, and when coupled with the twist and coarseness in this grade, it creates a visually distinctive tea. The twisted leaves not only contribute to the tea’s appearance but also play a crucial role in influencing flavour extraction during steeping. The coarse nature of the leaves adds a hearty and robust dimension to the tea, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a bold and full-bodied cup. This characteristic makes Grade A Pekoe a versatile tea grade, suitable for various brewing methods.


The Grade A FBOPFSp (Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning’s Special) from the eastern part of the Rift Valley in Kenya is a tea of exceptional quality, offering a unique blend of strength, finesse, and visual appeal. Distinguished by its firm and predominantly black-leaf appearance, the FBOPFSp stands out as a superior grade. The term “Flowery” in its name indicates the presence of young, tender leaf buds, contributing to the tea’s overall character. Moreover, this grade is adorned with much better tips, signifying a higher proportion of these prized young leaves. The firmness of the leaves ensures a robust and well-structured brew, while the infusion of tips adds a layer of sophistication to the cup. This combination results in a tea that embodies the essence of the eastern Rift Valley terroir—capturing the region’s unique characteristics and elevating the tea-drinking experience to a new level of excellence.

Grade A FOF

Nestled in the eastern part of the Rift Valley in Kenya, the Grade A FOF (Flowery Orange Fanning) emerges as a tea of unparalleled distinction. This exquisite blend, known for its leafy, heavy, and evenly sized Orthodox fannings, is a visual and sensory delight. The leaves, lush and full, carry a leafiness that adds a touch of natural elegance to the brew. The weightiness of the fannings imparts substance, promising a tea experience that is both robust and satisfying. The consistent sizing ensures a symphony of flavours in every infusion, creating a harmonious cup with each steep. Accompanied by good bloom and the occasional tip, the Grade A FOF weaves a narrative of quality and complexity. The sporadic presence of tips adds a refined nuance, enhancing the overall teadrinking experience. Tailored for convenience, this tea grade is particularly well-suited for tea bags. Allow the Grade A FOF to transport you to the picturesque landscapes of the eastern Rift
Valley, offering not just a cup of tea but a journey through the rich terroir of Kenya.

Grade B BP1

The Grade B BP1 (Broken Pekoe 1) tea, cultivated in the picturesque regions of Nandi, Kericho, Bomet, and Kisi in Kenya, stands as a unique and noteworthy blend. This grade is distinguished by the large size of its ‘grain’ particles, contributing to its distinct character. The substantial size of the broken pekoeleaves defines the Grade B BP1, resulting in a brew that may lean towards a lighter body. However, the tea compensates with encouraging flavour characteristics, making each sip a delightful experience. Sourced from the fertile soils of Nandi, the rolling hills of Kericho, the lush landscapes of Bomet, and the serene regions of Kisi, this tea captures the essence of its diverse terroir. The unique combination of soil, climate, and elevation in these regions imparts a distinct flavour profile to the Grade B BP1, making it a sought-after and unique offering in the world of Kenyan tea.

Grade B PF1

The Grade B PF1 (Pekoe Fanning 1) tea, nurtured in the regions of Nandi, Kericho, Bomet, and Kisi in Kenya, presents a distinct infusion characterized by its black and grainy composition. Slightly smaller in size compared to the BP1 grade, the PF1 offers a unique sensory experience with its fine particles. Cultivated in the fertile soils of Nandi, the rolling hills of Kericho, the lush landscapes of Bomet, and the serene regions of Kisi, this tea encapsulates the diverse terroir of its origins. The meticulous craftsmanship involved in growing and processing Grade B PF1 results in a tea with a distinctive grainy texture and a rich, dark hue. Ideal for those seeking a bold and robust cup, the Grade B PF1 showcases the expertise and dedication of the tea producers in these regions. Indulge in the unique flavour profile and visual appeal that this tea imparts, a testament to the natural beauty and skilled cultivation practices of Kenya’s renowned tea-growing regions.

Grade B PD

The Grade B PD (Pekoe Dust) tea, with its deep black hue and finer texture than Pekoe Fanning 1, is a tea variety that creates a bold and intense brew. Renowned for its ability to produce thick and pungent liquors, this tea has gained widespread popularity and has become a best-seller in Egypt. Sourced from the esteemed tea-producing regions, Grade B PD reflects the expertise of Kenyan tea cultivation. The finely ground particles contribute to a robust infusion, producing a liquor that is not only thick but also carries a pronounced and invigorating flavour. The Grade B PD’s status as a best-seller in Egypt attests to its ability to resonate with the discerning taste buds of tea enthusiasts in the region. The tea’s distinctive qualities make it a sought-after choice, offering a rich and satisfying experience with every sip. Indulge in the boldness and pungency of Grade B PD, a tea that has captivated tea lovers in Egypt and beyond.

Grade B D1

Grade B D1 (Dust 1) tea is composed of the smallest particles among the main grades, showcasing a finely ground texture. The small size of these particles is a distinctive feature that contributes to the rapid infusion of flavours, creating a robust cup of tea. This tea variety, with its diminutive particles, is crafted for those who appreciate a quick and intense brewing experience. The Grade B D1 is known for its ability to produce bold and pungent liquor, making it suitable for those who prefer a hearty and invigorating tea. The finely ground nature of Grade B D1 enhances its versatility, making it a popular choice for blends, tea bags, or as an ingredient in various tea formulations. Indulge in the rich and full-bodied character that Grade B D1 offers, as it exemplifies the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication of tea producers

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Imperial Teas (EPZ) Ltd.
Kingorani EPZ Complex
Mombasa-Nairobi Highway
P.O.Box 17091-80100
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